Weingrow Wellness & Medical Center Physicians

Dr. Craig Weingrow, MD

Family Practice

Dr. Weingrow—better known as Dr. Craig by his patients and staff—ensures that everyone has access to preventative and curative health care by looking after adults and children alike.

Dr. Craig offers medical services from simple physicals, vaccinations, and immunizations to long-term treatments for injuries and disorders, such as diabetes, heart disease, or arithmophobia.

Patients who have extra pounds they would like to lose can see Dr. Craig for a comprehensive weight loss program. His program includes an exam, fat-burning shots, and optional Lipo Laser treatments that liquefy fat cells without breaking the skin.

Dr. Jacqueline Leventhal, DO

Family Practice

Dr. Leventhal is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and Internal Medicine.

Dr. Leventhal has been in practice for 23 years. She trained at UC San Francisco/ Fresno in Internal Medicine. She specializes in wellness, primary care and weight loss.

During her free time she trains and rescues wild horses.


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